Hong Kong Tailors Save Chinese Dress Qipao from the Fad of Modern Clothes 香港匠人拯救旗袍艺术

Although the Qipao, a Chinese traditional dress also known as the Cheong-sam, has lost its popularity in the past several decades, Hong Kong tailors have been trying to save this dying art from an inevitable modern trend, by making handmade Qipaos or teaching women to make them.


The prototype of the Qipao, which is called the Cheong-sam, is loose and wide to cover women’s bodily curves. When French people set up concessions in Shanghai in the 1920s, Chinese tailors learned western draping methods and adopted it into the production of Qipao. This new tailoring method and the upgraded high cut helped the Qipao to reveal the beauty of women’s bodies. As a result, many consider the Qipao a symbol of the liberation of Chinese women.


Location: Hong Kong, China
Date: Nov. 9 & 12, 2016
Camerawomen: Jia YIzhen and Zhang Boning
Subtitles translater: Jayson Paolo Albano
Camera use: Pannosonic GH4 (with tripod)
Edited on: Adobe Premier CC

语言:Jayson Paolo Albano
剪辑:Adobe Premiere CC


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