Verification Assignment

Verify Image


Google 45° 58′ 35″ N, 7° 39′ 30″ E and find out the longitude and latitude is in a mountain area in Sweden, which is not Hong Kong as mentioned


Search Admiralty, Hong Kong in Google map and find an area called Admiralty in Hong Kong.


Use 3D version of Google map to identify buildings within the area that are similar with those appeared in the photo posted on Instagram. (Not as simple as I wrote here, sorry. I might have spent more than half an hour to find these buildings, trying various angles.)


Find the same angle and exact position the photographer was by identifying the bridge appeared in the photo.


Zoom in and use the street view of Google map to find the square appeared in the photo. (Hope that I am a local. I guess local people can identify the location at the first sight of this pic hhh.)



Since the square is in front of the Central Government Offices and the photo was posted 106 weeks ago, find news about student strike in Hong Kong in late September 2014.


Conclusion: The event and the photo is true. But the location provided in the comment is fake.


Verify Video A

They're making arrests in #Ferguson

A post shared by 俳句 (@haikuunsung) on


Watch several other videos posted the same night, and find the exact location of the McDonald’s appeared in the original video: McDonald’s at 9131 W Florissant. (All the way down the page. Feeling like a paparazzo hhh!)


Use Google map to locate the McDonald’s and find the same angle and position in the video with the help of 3D and street view, which means the McDonald’s sign is on the right hand of the street.



As shown in other posts that day, the event occurred near a beauty shop and Metro PCS, so try to find the 2 shops near the McDonald’s. (Couldn’t tell at the beginning, but guessed out the missing “T”)


The posts were published 106 weeks ago, so change the street view date to Sep. 2014 to find these 2 shops.



After verifying the location, Google the event with terms used in these posts to verify the authenticity of the video.


Conclusion: The video is true and recorded the Ferguson unrest in 2014 because the police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown.

Verify Video B


Search I-95 and New Brunswick or East Brunswick in Google map according to the video. (Really hard for a Chinese to understand US highway signs so I google them a bit to learn.)



Zoom in to locate Exit 9.



Locate a highway sign board which is close to Exit 9 and tress. (Luckily, Exit 9 is easy to find!!)



Zoom in and find the same location as that appeared in the video.




Google I-95 Estes Truck crash and find one piece of news about the accident.



Conclusion: The location and video are true. But YouTube and other news organizations seemed to fail to verify this video because this video turned out to be the one single source of this accident. No CCTV or other sources have been presented to support the report which makes this information doubtable.


Verify UGC Video


Find Meeting Street and N Market Street in Charleston, SC using Google map.%e5%9b%be%e7%89%87-311


Zoom in to street view to find the location the video was shot.




Zoom out and find out the first clip was shot in front of Confederate Museum.


The second clip shows an arch and a brand read “LEreuset” so search LEreuset in Google map and find the location of the shop near N Market Street.


Zoom in to locate the shop and the arch appeared in the video and find out the second clip was shot beneath the arch circled in the screenshot.



The third clip showed a white-walled building with a corner and a fence.


Zoom out to use 3D map to locate a similar building.


Zoom in and find out the location where the third clip is shot is on S Market Street.


The last clip showed the street board read S Market Street on the left hand and there is a First Citizens Bank.


Search First Citizens Bank and S Market Street in Google map and zoom in to find the location where the last clip was shot.



The last clip was shot on the S Market Street.


Conclusion: The video was shot around N Market Street and S Market Street when Hurricane Matthew hit Charleston, SC.



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