Look Into – The True Flavor of Education

This news package was conducted mainly by Zhang Boning and Chen Jianan as an experimental project at Communication University of China in Beijing in 2015.

The BBC documentary Are Our Kids Tough Enough: Chinese School stirred up a worldwide discussion on educational styles. CUC students interviewed people about their opinions and experiences about education, trying to find out the true flavor of education.

Supervisor: Lin Haichun
Chief Directors: Zhang Boning ;Chen Jianan
Script Writing: Zhang Boning
B-roll shooting: Chen Jianan
Editing: Zhang Boning
After Effect: Chen Jianan
Anchorwoman: Chen Jianan
Voice Over: Zhang Boning
Editing Tool: Adobe Premier

Interviewer: Zhang Boning
Location: Beijing, China
Camerawomen: Chen Jianan; Yang Jinger
Camera use: Canon 650D / Nikon D7000 (with tripod)
Sound: lavalier
Program Director: Zhao Mengning
Camerawomen: Bao Shanshan; Wu Shiyu; Wang Yihan
Audio: Xu Murong
Recording: Ma Zhuoyan
Technical Support: Gao Zhumei; Luo Yi


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