HKU Student Renews the Record of a VR Battle

A student of HKU used a virtual bow and arrow to kill invisible enemies with VR glasses on, renewing the ranking with a score of 5850.

The male student was playing the VR game Holopoint, aiming at virtual enemies through the VR glasses and using two gamepads as bow and arrow to kill “enemies” around him. The image he was seeing was displayed simultaneously on the screen beside him. He won a final score of 5850, more than double the former winner’s score.

These VR facilities were provided by Smart Living on a university tour to have student experience VR on campus. Those who tried these facilities were ranked according to their record of the game. The first place will be awarded with 2 tickets to the Hong Kong Observation Wheel in Central.

Another game called The Lab was also opened for challengers.

Location: Hong Kong
Date: Sep. 8, 2016
Camerawoman: Zhang Boning
Camera use: Pannosonic GH4 (with tripod)
Edited on: Adobe Premier

Thanks for my partner Gabriel Yiu holding tripod for me! I still get nervous shooting people. And it’s a little hard to fix the lighting right. Although I got some information about this event, it’s not enough. Next time, I would try to interview people engaged to get further information.


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